Jaunty Green

My room is green. Not a dull, earth tone green, good only for taking the excitement out of your day, but a rich, bold green. When I went to the store to buy paint, I was searching for a color that would be soothing yet energetic and what I left with was a color called “Jaunty Green”. This green now covers my walls, and it is great. I love the way that it reflects the light from my lamp shade and makes the room seem bigger than its small dimensions physically allow. What truly draws me to the green of my room though, is how it is so easily accented by the black quotes I write upon it. My jaunty green walls are plastered with quotes from songs, books, and poetry that have stuck with me or ring true on a personal level. Ever since I have repainted, reorganized, and redesigned my room this past summer, I have found that I spend much more time there. Looking at the walls and turning off my light at night I feel as though I have said everything I needed to that day.
How do you express yourself? What creative things have you done on a whim? Let’s here about it! 

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