Rachael: For showing me what its like to really love

`Maybe this song is too simple

Maybe my love seems too much
But with you there is no middle
And our lives so close together
I swear our hearts they almost touch
Today it feels no different
I was yours right from the start
But my heart you stole it somewhere you’ve unlocked my love within
Rachael you can be my sin
My life within
And every time you think that we could break
Or crumble at the seams
Please know that you’re my everything
This love is our foundation
Please put you’re trust in me
And you will see
Rachael we can be together
Take me with you when you can
And rachie we can conquer everything
Our love is right it strengthens me
Please always hold my hand
Now when your world is dark and gray
Please look to me for strength
I’ll alwAys be here waiting
Don’t you ever feel abandoned
You will never be alone
Your eyes are always beautiful
On these nights they guide my way
Let all the miles unfold
Let the roAds collide between us
And tumble to the sea
Your grace will always save me
I’ve known it from the start
You are the light to all my hopeless
You are the only remedy
Rachael I’ll keep your loving heart
Now Rachael I believe in you and me
We can make this love our life
And when the world it comes down crashing you and me will still be  standing
Our eyes, out hearts, our souls interlocked and interwoven
I will always be your home

About slipintoserendipity

I believe in magic; I always have. It was J.K Rowling who was first able to capture not only my attention but also my entire imagination. Through her words, I quickly found myself immersed in a world where broomsticks were not a tool for cleaning but essential equipment for the most popular sport; motion pictures were not movies, they were quite literally pictures which moved, and magic was simply a part of life. Harry’s world was my world, and I found myself trying to show everyone how great it was. It was Rowling's words that made magic a tangible factor in my life. I am now 18 years old, I play guitar, harmonica, and write. I am about to graduate high school, and I now what to pursue a dream. It was through writing that magic came to my life, and I want to bring that same magic into other people's lives. This is a space where I will post various sorts of writing and you are welcome to do the same. Give me some feedback, post your stuff, or just chat about really cool writing. Explore your inner writer and who knows, you may find a little serendipity along the way

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