Somtimes I feel numb, like nothing in the world could bring excitement to me. Sometimes I feel like I am literally itching to get out of my skin and run somewhere. It feels like at these moments I constantly need to be in motion, and it’s true, progress seems to be the only thing that differentiates the present from the past.

Sometimes I don’t think before I act. This is an easy way to make some pretty regretable mistakes. Believe me, I know; this is coming from experience. Acting on whims is only satisfaction for the moment and has no real value in the long-run. Every once in awhile it turns out that mistakes can be truly helpful in the long run, but understand even the most self-less acts bear some personal strife upon them.

Sometimes I think that I am smarter than I am. A smug arrogance that I have bred out of the gaining of greatly doctrined knowledge sneaks into my persona. I believe myself, at times, to be superior, but this is a subconscious flaw and I loathe it. Sometimes my pride is smashed to pieces when others outshine me. Often, this proves to be a good thing.

Sometimes I want to cry. For all my reasoning and well thought out words , I can’t answer the greatest questions in my life. Sometimes I hate myself for falling, for making others cry. Too often have the tears I’ve caused become satusfying to me. It is obvious that selfhis desires can turn us all into monsters.

Sometimes I feel comfortable living as I am; pleased to forget but not willing to forgive . Every arrogance of my past is a sin and I believe that I am scared to change my ways. I even argue that change isn’t possible, but this is all folly. To accept change in stride is to truly grow, yet still forgiveness is a must. I’m sorry.


About slipintoserendipity

I believe in magic; I always have. It was J.K Rowling who was first able to capture not only my attention but also my entire imagination. Through her words, I quickly found myself immersed in a world where broomsticks were not a tool for cleaning but essential equipment for the most popular sport; motion pictures were not movies, they were quite literally pictures which moved, and magic was simply a part of life. Harry’s world was my world, and I found myself trying to show everyone how great it was. It was Rowling's words that made magic a tangible factor in my life. I am now 18 years old, I play guitar, harmonica, and write. I am about to graduate high school, and I now what to pursue a dream. It was through writing that magic came to my life, and I want to bring that same magic into other people's lives. This is a space where I will post various sorts of writing and you are welcome to do the same. Give me some feedback, post your stuff, or just chat about really cool writing. Explore your inner writer and who knows, you may find a little serendipity along the way

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  1. It’s uncommon for a post or blog to grab me from the first few lines – but this did. This is exactly how I’m feeling at this time and it was such a relief to see that I’m not the only one who struggles like this. Thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing how you feel!

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