Second Rate Soldier

I’ve got another heartache 
That’s brought me to
My knees 
I’m right back where I started
searching for me 

And maybe there’s something I just cant find 
Maybe my love is just an alibi 
But I know what I’ve got and I know what I need to be
Baby I’m free 

Well I’m sick and tired 
of feeling like a second rate soldier 
whose lost his cause, 
fighting for some composure 
Indifferent to the pain 
That we all concede 
To be part of this life, 
an indefinite creed  
Well honey I’ll pay the cost 
I’ll play your game 

And maybe there’s something that we all can find 
Locked away somewhere deep inside 
My hands
My knees 
My souls bleeds 
To be 

Hands up 
Stand up 
Fight for what you need 
Lay it all 
Take the fall
Watch me as I bleed 

Your eyes burn bright like a beacon of light 
On the coast of the see on a stormy night  
The stars and the moon and the sun and the sky
Are filled with this most sacred lie 

But still maybe there’s something I just can’t deny
Maybe there’s something burning in our lives 
A fire that’s burning deep
 in me that screams 
Love is free 


About slipintoserendipity

I believe in magic; I always have. It was J.K Rowling who was first able to capture not only my attention but also my entire imagination. Through her words, I quickly found myself immersed in a world where broomsticks were not a tool for cleaning but essential equipment for the most popular sport; motion pictures were not movies, they were quite literally pictures which moved, and magic was simply a part of life. Harry’s world was my world, and I found myself trying to show everyone how great it was. It was Rowling's words that made magic a tangible factor in my life. I am now 18 years old, I play guitar, harmonica, and write. I am about to graduate high school, and I now what to pursue a dream. It was through writing that magic came to my life, and I want to bring that same magic into other people's lives. This is a space where I will post various sorts of writing and you are welcome to do the same. Give me some feedback, post your stuff, or just chat about really cool writing. Explore your inner writer and who knows, you may find a little serendipity along the way

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